La Ecoturista: 2017 in short

I started this blog with the desire to show you through real examples and experiences that traveling in a sustainable way is possible and doable, and I’m sure that I’ve accomplished it during 2017. Let’s take a peek at the best articles of this year.

As you may know, 2017 was declared the year of sustainable tourism. Maybe you’ve read a lot of news about this because plenty of media have covered it along the last twelve months. But just because a lot of people talk about something, it doesn’t mean it becomes a reality. In my point of view, the reality is that green washing is still too present in tourism. Big companies can afford certifications or appealing marketing, but usually, the little ones can’t, and that doesn’t make them less sustainable, on the contrary, their businesses are normally based on environmental and social values.

National Park of Aigüestortes i Llac de Sant Maurici

In Catalunya, a land that I know very well, there are many companies that work for responsible tourism. For example, in Barcelona, which like all big cities receives the negative impacts of mass tourism, little companies are growing in order to try to solve that and to give the conscious traveler an opportunity to experience tourism in a responsible way. If you want to travel to Barcelona, you have these options:

  • Yok Casa + Cultura. Luxury green apartments with hotel services. You will feel at home with the warm welcome of the managers, Petz and Mari.
  • Naturalwalks. Walks that combine the interesting activity of discovering and identifying local plants in areas next to the city, like Natural Park of Collserola, with the culture and history associated with them.
Natural Park of Collserola. Barcelona.
  • Ecoitineraria. If you get to Barcelona by plane and you look through the window maybe you’ll realize that there’s a natural space next to the airport. Its name is Delta del Llobregat and you can get to know its rich biodiversity with the company Ecoitineraria.
  • FLOR. Walks around Gracia, a neighborhood of Barcelona, to know how to consume in an ethical way and discover the stories of the social entrepreneurs that run local businesses.

Also, you can check this article in order to plan your trip to Barcelona by adding value to the city and receiving the comfort of knowing that you’re helping a society that’s increasingly affected by poorly managed tourism.

Views of Barcelona.

Adrià, our younger collaborator, highlighted an engaging topic: veganism and vegetarianism. During these recent years, more and more travelers look for this type of restaurants when they are abroad, so he wrote an article to explain how the meat industry affects the environment, and how Barcelona has been declared as the first veg-friendly city and a good example of a vegetarian restaurant here. Read the article to discover it!

Talking about food, in this article you will read about the importance of eating local products when traveling, and I talk about some examples of restaurants in Catalunya that I’m sure you will want to try.

Eco beef with fennel.

Because not only in Barcelona you can practice responsible tourism, around Catalunya there are a lot of beautiful places to discover and companies that work for the preservation of the environment. I show you how I did that through the trips I took during this year in la Garrotxa, Priorat and Montsant, or National Park of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici. In the last one I also talk about the benefits of having contact with nature while hiking.

Another way to practice responsible tourism is doing volunteering. Adrià talked about his experience and as he said, you aren’t only being helpful to others; you also develop new skills, you get to know yourself better, and you get stronger in many ways. It’s a win-win situation. Check this article to find some examples of how to do some volunteering in Catalunya.

Raising awareness of blind people’s difficulties to move around the city.

I wouldn’t want to end this post without talking about transportation. Unfortunately, it’s the part of our daily lives that contributes the most to climate change and maybe it’s the most difficult to resolve in a short term. Adrià, in this article, gives you some advice for being a greener traveler and ways to compensate your ecological foot print.


Thanks for reading La Ecoturista blog during 2017, and I hope you continue being part of the followers during 2018 because it will come with lots of novelties.

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