More than an eco-friendly place to stay.

Are you thinking of visiting Barcelona any time soon? Continue reading if you are interested in staying in cool accommodations where you’ll be glad to know that everyone shares your daily eco-friendly practices.

Author: yök Casa+Cultura

yök Casa + Cultura are luxury green apartments with hotel services, but the managers, Petz and Mari, prefer to name it “casas” (houses) because they go to great lengths to make you feel at home, and to offer you the information you need to live an authentic experience in Barcelona. For example, activities and events with local people, or a tour guided by them. Their values are very clear: People, Profit, and Planet; and they have the conviction that sustainability has to be integrated in our society like a normal thing, because it is beneficial for all. I had the opportunity to visit the apartments last month thanks to their managers, two amazing women who have created a place with a lot of good vibes.

Apartment’s entrance. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

They renovated the flats in 2014 according to a sustainable design criteria and at the same time, preserving the history of the place, so details of Catalan modernism can be seen in every corner of the apartments, like the high decorative ceilings or the colourful mosaic floor.

Livingroom from Casa C. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

All the elements that define the apartments have something in common; they were chosen following sustainable criteria, either because they are long-lasting products, or because of the use of recycled materials (for example the kitchens that are made with reused pallets), or the reuse of ancient elements (like leftover wooden doors are now used as headrests).

Kitchen made with reused pallets. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

The rooms are very cozy and each one has a bathroom. The comfortable beds are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and are made by Astral Nature, a company near Barcelona that uses natural materials to create their beds.

Room from Casa C. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

If you are interested in the eco-renovation of yök Casa + Cultura, you will find all the details in their blog. I really enjoyed reading the story of their renovation, and you, as a customer, can also do some things to reduce your ecological footprint during your stay, for example, separating the waste in bins that they provide, and switching the ON/OFF button when you leave the apartment in order to save energy.

ON/OFF switch. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

In conclusion, Petz and Mari have succeeded in creating a stylish sustainable accommodation without sacrificing the customer’s experience, and as they say in their manifesto: “yök cannot happen anywhere else but in Barcelona.”

View’s from the attic of the building. Author: yök Casa+Cultura

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