The 10 musts of a sustainable travel (Plus one extra tip!)

Based on my experience, here you can find some advice to set out on a sustainable travel by yourself:

  1. Look for information before starting a trip, because it’s important to know about the traditions, the natural and cultural patrimony, and the social situation.
  1. Respect the environment, the people and their customs.
  1. Don’t practice any activity that uses the exploitation of human beings or animals. For example, sex tourism, or riding elephants for entertainment.
  1. Choose companies that put energy into local economy and prioritize the protection of the environment
  1. Travel, if you can, during the low season to help not exceed the carrying capacity of the destination.
  1. Get around using transports that generate few or null greenhouse gas emissions, like bicycle or carpooling.
  1. Practice activities that allow you to learn about the destination’s qualities, but trying to impact the environment and the local population as less as possible.
  1. Do a rational use of the territory’s resources, especially with water.
  1. Try to generate as less waste as you can, particularly in high protected zones.
  1. Consume local food and products, and when buying souvenirs, avoid animals and objects made out of leather.

+1 Don’t forget to open your mind to develop your inner spirit and learn from every new experience you live.

When you aren’t familiar with the country where you’re planning to travel, sometimes you have to waste a lot of time looking for quality information. But don’t worry, I can help you there! Choosing companies, activities, and transportation with a real commitment to the environment and society, for you to live an amazing sustainable travel experience. Contact me for more information.